Last Year for States to Modernize Unemployment Insurance with Recovery Act Incentive Funds

In February 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) made $7 billion available to states to modernize their unemployment insurance programs. Since that time, both red and blue states have claimed nearly two-thirds of the total incentive funding, thus filling the gaps in the unemployment safety net while also helping to jump start their economies. However, time is running out fast to take advantage of the federal program. States only have until August 2011 to change their laws to qualify for the Recovery Act funds.

As a result of the reforms thus far adopted by the states, over 200,000 additional jobless Americans will have gained eligibility for benefits through the ARRA unemployment modernization program. These federal modernization funds have been making their way to the states just when they need the help most—to pay benefits, boost state unemployment trust funds and help more jobless families weather an extremely difficult jobs market.

Although a total of 39 states can now claim $4.3 billion in incentive funding, $2.7 billion remains unclaimed by the states with less than a year to go before the program expires. Eighteen states, including six that have already claimed one-third of their allotment of incentive funds, have so far left funds on the table. These funds provide states with a critical opportunity to bring their 1930’s era unemployment insurance programs in line with needs of today’s changing workforce

The map below documents the status of modernization funding: 33 states have moved to get full funding; 6 have draw down partial fundng and 12 that have not qualified for any of their allotment.

UI Modernization Map

State Legislative Updates

NEW September 3, 2010 NELP report documents unprecedented bi-partisan wave of unemployment insurance reforms in 2009 and 2010

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