Extended Jobless Benefits

Normal state unemployment benefits are capped at 26 weeks of assistance. During tough economic times, the federal government steps in to provide extended benefits to long-term unemployed workers who need additional assistance to find jobs. Federal jobless benefits are vital to helping jobless workers and their families avoid the severe economic distress that comes with long-term unemployment.

When the economy slips into recessions, federal extended benefits circulate hard cash into local economies where local businesses lose customers due to job loss. In fact, economists have found that extended unemployment benefits provide one of deliver one of the strongest dollar-for-dollar stimulus of any government responses to recessions.

During the “Great Recession” of 2009, the spotlight has been on federal extended benefits. Please look to the right column for NELP’s latest information on extended jobless benefits.

NELP’s web portal www.unemployedworkers.org provides extensive information for workers and the latest NELP advocacy initiatives to improve the extended benefits program in the states and in Congress.

For updates on NELP’s Fall 2009 Campaign to Extend Jobless Benefits Visit: http://www.unemployedworkers.org/sites/unemployedworkers/index.php/benefits

For more information on our work in this area, please contact Maurice Emsellem, memsellem@nelp.org.