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State Material

Eastern State UI Statistics, 2005
(May 2006)
by National Employment Law Project

This .pdf chartbook contains the key most recent statistics for state unemployment insurance programs in northeastern states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Click here to view the .pdf chartbook for eastern states.
(Note if you have trouble downloading this large .pdf document, right click on this link and choose "save" instead of open.)

Statistics on recipiency, benefit levels and financing are included in this chartbook. All statistics come from the United States Department of Labor, and represent the most current information available. Some of the statistics come from the UI Data Summary, in which quarterly data are updated approximately three monhts after the end of a quarter. This chartbook will be updated annually or semi-annually. In the intervening months, you can check the UI data summary by going to

Customized unemployment insurance statistical assistance is available to state unemployment insurance advocates from the National Employment Law Project. You can contact the NELP's policy analyst Andrew Stettner by e-mail ( or by phone (212-285-3025 x 110).

The main contact for northeastern state unemployment insurance issues is Maurice Emsellem ( or 510-663-5700.

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